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The Importance of Picking Out the Right Gear for the Slopes

Articles of clothing define not only a person’s sense of style but also help in protecting us from different weather conditions. Clothes are used to make us look appropriate for different occasions and events in our lives.

The need for clothes

We make clothing from different fabrics and textiles, and sometimes from animal skin such as leather. We are the only species in the world who can dress for self-expression and protection. Throughout history, we have made different styles and sets of clothing, depending on the era.

Many factors like geographical locations, social status, culture, gender, and body type, influenced clothing fashion. It is a social norm where we must cover ourselves to appear decent all the time. Aside from looking decent, clothing has many purposes.

It can shield us from harsh elements and protect us from rash-causing plants or insect bites. Clothing can also block infectious and toxic materials from touching our bodies. Clothes can help insulate the body from hot or cold conditions like an Arcteryx ski jacket – perfect for skiing and snowboarding needs.

Choosing the right clothes

Sports and hobbies require clothing that can let the person move freely and not feel very constricted. In skiing and snowboarding, proper attire is required as the harsh conditions of the cold can affect a person’s performance.

Here a few things that people should consider when planning to purchase a ski or snowboarding gear:

  • Breathability
  • Waterproofing

What makes a suitable outfit for snow-related sports is its ability to keep the snow out while regulating the heat and moisture that is generated by the body while moving. Breathability and waterproofing capabilities of clothes are measured by the ability of the textile and its membranes.

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The level of waterproofing is measured from 5,000mm is low waterproofing, to 28,000, which is an extremely high level of waterproofing. The breathability, on the other hand, is rated in grams, with 5,000g being the lowest while 20,000g the highest.

You may choose to have jackets and pants that are in between levels to be able to perform comfortably in them. If you decide to have a jacket with high waterproofing, then it can compromise its breathability because it limits how moisture and heat escape.

  • Insulation. There are also different kind of insulation that varies on the needs of the wearer. Synthetic insulation is made from synthetic polyester, and this gives a balanced warmth and breathability because of the air pockets that are in between the spun polyester filaments. It is preferred over down insulation for its ability to withstand in wet conditions. Down insulation in snow gears is naturally made from feathers, which are also lightweight and warm. But this can heat you up efficiently as compared to synthetics, which may not be the right choice for high energy activities such as skiing and snowboarding. It should also be noted that down insulation is not as bulky as padded or synthetic insulation.
  • Water resistance. Most textiles that are used for ski clothes and snowboarding are also water-resistant by waterproof coating aside from the membrane in the fabric. Still, this coating may affect the breathability as well.
  • Feature. Think of pockets, hoods, zippers and snow skirts. Some jackets have zipped pockets, make sure that the zippers are waterproof so that it won’t rust away and won’t get. Make sure that the pockets have enough room to store your devices like goggles and phone. Hoods are essential in a jacket because it can help keep you warm. Some jackets have an adjustable hood feature so that it can fit perfectly. Snow skirts are also a necessary feature to look for in an outfit because it keeps the snow from getting in the clothes, it comes in fixed or non-fixed depending on what you need.

Effectively layering clothes with base layers or mid layers can increase the effectivity of the clothes to protect you from the cold while maximizing movement in performance. Getting the right skiing or snowboarding attire can make you perform and look your best.

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