A Fishing Gear Guide for Beginners

Fishing is an enjoyable hobby to get into. It’s fun, especially when shared with friends. If you are sailing on a fishing trip for the first time, you must not get all excited and pick everything you can see. You will be spending a fortune on unnecessary things if you do that.

There are lots of different fishing gears in Michigan and making the right choices can be overwhelming. Yes, the type of your fishing lures and poles may have a strong impact on what ends up in your chum bucket and in your trophy photos. But you are just starting, dear, and there’s no need to aim that high. Having as much fun with your friends over whatever you might find at the end of the line is good enough for a beginner. Turn into this guideline to know what you need exactly.

The Fishing Rod and Reel Combination

Of course, the first thing you must invest in is a fishing rod and reel combo. There are lots of them in the market but since you are just starting, there is no need to go wild. Keep it simple and rest assured, you will be spending every bit of your hard earned dollars wisely. To give you versatility without going overboard, you may opt for a medium action fishing rod that has an 8-20lbs capacity line. This will allow you to catch a variety of different species, the likes of those that are found in the rivers and lakes.

The Fishing Line

There may be a handful of different types of fishing lines available. But as always, you must stick to the basics. A monofilament line that is buoyant and stretchable makes for a good choice because it will keep up with your demands with fewer costs. Yes, you will be spending less for a monofilament than what you might spend with a braided line that’s very thin yet very strong or a fluorocarbon line that’s resistant to abrasion and invisible to the eye underwater.

The Fishing Tackle

As per the fishing tackle, you will only need three, the hook, the weight, and the floater. Again, going for the basic, inexpensive, but functional items that are easy to install and use is the way to go when picking them.

The Baits and Lures

The other essential tools that you must have to make your fishing adventure a success are live baits and plastic lures. As a beginner, it would be pretty exciting to start with live baits, which you must get in the proper size. Nightcrawlers and shiners are considered pretty good options for live baits. For soft plastic lures, you may experiment with styles and sizes, depending on the kind of challenge you want to take on. For example, a 5-inch green senko can get a large bass for you.

Fishing bait

A Tackle Bag

If you have all those items ready, the last thing you must think of is where you will put everything into? That’s where a good tackle bag comes in handy. This should organize your gears, keep them accessible, without weighing you down. Remember that you need to be mobile the entire time, looking for the next bite after another.

Now that your gear is complete, you are ready to fish. Along with all those things, however, don’t forget to bring along a tub of patience. Never give up chasing a catch even if your novice skills seem fruitless at first. And yeah, have fun!

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