Signs Your Golf Cart Needs a Repair

This video is about how to find a bad battery in a golf cart. If a golf cart isn’t quite performing up to par, and it’s losing power quickly, or taking longer to charge, there’s a good chance you’ve got a bad battery. Identifying the culprit is easier than you might think. Relying on professionals for golf cart services and repairs is crucial. Let’s discuss what would happen during a battery repair.

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The presenter uses a multimeter to see how much juice each battery has. And guess what? One battery is way lower than the rest. So, they decide to plug in the charger and give it another go. After that, the bad battery shows a higher voltage than the others. It turns out that the charger is doing its best to charge that bad battery.

The presenter suggests that folks keep an extra box end wrench, a few extra nuts, and a long battery cable. Doing so is vital if something goes wrong. If the cables are long enough, you can bypass a dead battery and reach home. So, here’s the deal: touch the charger on the bad battery.

But if it keeps trying to charge the bad battery and doesn’t turn off, that’s not good. It could end up overheating, which is not what you want. So, replace that battery as soon as you can. That way, you enjoy worry-free golf cart services.


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