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Ways to Motivate Your Family to Engage in a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

These days, one should not settle living a sedentary life. If we take health and wellness for granted, we can end up developing diseases that can stop us from living life to the fullest. With the pandemic still threatening our life these days, we simply can’t afford to get sick.

It is hard to eat healthy food, take up regular exercise and enjoy healthy habits if your loved ones, especially the people you spend most of the time with, are used to an inactive and unhealthy life. The good news is, you can use different tactics so you can finally encourage them to live a healthy life with you.

Introduce Them to a New Sport

Introducing a new sport to your loved one can be tricky since we all have our own preferences. There are also many factors you need to consider, such as your loved one’s age, personality, capabilities, interests, etc. Also, some sports require team effort while others don’t. But once you managed to narrow down your options after keeping these factors in mind, you can start finding ways to introduce the sport to your loved ones.

For instance, you live with your spouse, an extrovert teenager, and an introvert preschooler. Since there are many different age groups and personalities to consider, it can be hard to find a sport everyone can engage in. For instance, you can consider bowling since it can be an ideal sport no matter the age or personality. You can consider building a bowling alley in your home if you have the funds. This can give you peace of mind knowing the whole household can play at any given time.

Start Preparing Tasty but Healthy Meals

One thing you want to avoid doing is making sudden changes in their diet. You want them to get used to healthy meals and not hate this on your first attempt. Let them know about your plan to steer the family in the right direction and expect not so good reactions. It is only normal that your loved ones will feel attacked since you plan on taking away their favorite meals and snacks. Explain your reason for making the decision and include them in the planning process.

Stock up on tasty but healthy snacks instead of their regular chips and junk food. If your family has little access to unhealthy food items, the more they are likely to snack on healthy munchies. Make sure everyone eats together as a family, be it during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Add at least one serving of vegetables or find ways to sneak in a few fruits or two in each meal. Be a good example by showing them how to eat healthily and how to prepare healthy but tasty meals.

Dedicate Family Time at Least Once a Week

Family time is crucial as this can help members build stronger bonds. Family time should not only be limited to movie nights, dinner dates, shopping, etc. You can use your family time to encourage them to be more active.

For one, you can exercise as a family by doing yoga, jogging, playing with the dog at the park, cleaning the house, or go on an excursion. Ask each member what they want to do during family time that requires everyone to move and participate. Including them in the planning and taking turns in making the decision will give everyone something to look forward to.

Help Them Improve Their Sleep Hygiene

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Many people these days, even kids fail to get enough sleep. But sleep is essential no matter your age, it is crucial that you help everyone in the house get their daily dose of adequate rest in sleep. It can be tricky at first, but there are some ways to go around this.

Did you know that technology stops people from falling asleep? Extensive gadget use before bedtime hurts our sleep quality. For best results, make sure each of your family members refrains from engaging in screen time at least one hour before bedtime. Make sure to explain to everyone the harmful effects of too much gadget use before bedtime.

Avoid any distractions in bedrooms like gadgets, television, computers, etc. Invest in blackout curtains, regulate the right cool temperature, clean pillow sheets, and comfy bed so everyone can enjoy a dark and comfy room to help them sleep better. Tell loved ones to engage in relaxing activities instead of stressful ones before bedtime. They can take a nice bath, write a journal, or listen to relaxing music.

A healthy lifestyle is not easy to start not to maintain. But it is crucial so you can enjoy life for a longer time. The earlier you can encourage your loved ones to live a healthy lifestyle with you, the better. But of course, change must first start on you. If you can prove your dedication and show them your own results, they are more likely to support and follow your footsteps.

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