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Types of Reticle Patterns for Eotech Optics

Many aspects will influence the success of your shots when using a gun. Other than finding the best weapon, having unhindered visibility of your target is essential. There have been many imaging solutions for firearms over the years, but EOtech’s innovative thermal, night and optics vision systems stand out.

They optimize your peripheral vision capacity and will allow an optimal sight function even when your sight window is shattered or partially obstructed by snow, rain or mud. One of the elements that should guide your choice from the available EOtech optics one can purchase for sale is the aiming reticle.

Instead of the standard single red dot, EOtech optics have a circle reticle that allows fast target acquisition with a small aiming dot for precise shot placement. This is made possible by the 68 MOA ring and a 1 MOA perfect for quick target acquisition and range precision in all EOtech’s reticle models.

Here are your aiming reticle options.

0 Reticle

This is the most popular aiming reticle. The 0 reticle has three functional aiming points for your shot. The points are primarily dependent on your weapon’s loads and calibers. You will, however, need to accurately establish the ranges that are associated with your aiming points.

If you are using a shotgun, for instance, you can use the 68 MOA ring to represent your shot pattern, but this depends on your shell and choke selections.

2 Reticle

A two-dot reticle pattern is easily distinguished even without magnification. It primarily provides an extra long-range aiming dot. The aiming points just like in the 0 reticle are dependent on your weapon’s loads and calibers.

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300 Reticle

The two-dot reticle pattern of this option can be easily distinguished even with no magnification. It provides two usable aiming points unlike the other reticle options from EOtech and is functional for both supersonic and subsonic rounds.

The 300 reticle aiming points like other options are dependent on your weapon’s load and caliber.

308 Reticle

This is designed for long-range shooting of up to 800 yards. The ideal magnification for your pattern depends on your shooting range. The 6-9X variety will work for 150- to 350-yard shots, 10X magnification for over 350 yards and 1-6X for not more than 150 yards.

The EOtech 308 reticle is easy to use and reliable even in closed quarters owing to its easy-to-use interface and rugged nature.

The right choice of the reticles above for your weapon’s optics will make a significant difference in your hunting trip, shooting tournament or military operation. Other than a correct choice from the above reticles for your weapon, there are other elements to consider to guarantee you get the best optics.

There are two battery options for EOtech sights, including two AA and one CR123 lithium battery. The AA batteries are easy to find and are cheap, but they will add to the weight and size of your optics unit. CR123 are smaller than the AA batteries and allow for a lighter aiming dot. They are, however, hard to find and generally expensive.

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