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In the Name of Self-love: Treat Yourself with Luxuries

We are not “diamonds in the flesh.” Lorde has the word for it in her song. It’s true. Some of us may not be born with a silver spoon in our mouth, but it doesn’t mean we don’t go for good things in life. We continue to dream, work for it, and build our own empire. And in between our hustles, we make sure that self-love and respect don’t get behind. After all, what’s life without a little fun?

The definition of luxury depends on you. So how do you picture luxury in your mind? Is it cooking and dining some good food or traveling around the world? A bit of luxury will keep you up and going in this endless rat chase of life. You need some time when you think the clock stops ticking just for you to have a good time.

People around the world are taking their mental health breaks and practicing self-love. You should have yours too. It doesn’t hurt spending a little big for yourself in the name of self-love. Just as they say, treat yourself just as you would your loved ones and never even feel guilty about it. So you don’t feel that way, here are reasons you should self-indulge with your version of luxury:

The key to making you happier

Do you sometimes feel like you are in a rat chase? You save your every hard-earned money as much as possible, but you feel like you’re trapped. This is what happens when you don’t spend some for yourself. Once in a while, you need to remind yourself that you work to live, not live to work. When you treat yourself even for just a day, you feel happier and motivated.

Coming back more generous

If you’re overworked and do not have enough me-time, you may be more grumpy to others than you realize. Down, tired, and cranky, you might not be the most enjoyable person to be around. Something has to lift your spirits up. And what else is better than giving to yourself generously? After taking some time off for yourself and giving in to your self-indulgence, most likely, you will come back as a more generous person. This time, you’re more able to give others your positive energy and some treats. Remember, you can only give what you have.

Feeling re-energized—away from burnout

When you treat yourself, somehow you feel good and fantastic. This is especially helpful when you feel like your work stresses you out, having so many tasks in a day that you feel overwhelmed. One thing that you should be aware of is falling into the trap of burnout. Most workers who don’t maintain a balance between their work and life tend to experience this. Burnout can significantly sap your energy and purpose that later on, you feel like a zombie just going to the office and finishing tasks. It’s time you get out, get some fresh air, and live for real.

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Resetting motivation

Motivation doesn’t just help you with work. It helps you nail life and not just get by. Have you ever promised yourself some rewards after achieving something, no matter how little it can be? Having something to look forward to at the end of the day, week, month, or goal makes you more motivated to accomplish your deadline or what you have in mind. Then, after getting your reward, your motivation is now likely to reset.

So, how should you be treating yourself luxuriously then? As said, it depends on your version of luxury. If you think me-time is already a big deal, then you just got one inexpensive self-treat to take. Here are a few simple ways you can live like royalty:

Indulge yourself

Do you want to go outside or just stay home? If you prefer home, then light some elegant candles, buy your favorite foods, and just enjoy. These simple sources of happiness may just be all you need for the weekend. Or, you may choose outdoors to hike, mountain climb, or golf, just about everywhere with nature. If physical activity isn’t your thing, then a golf cart can let you get to places as you get a luxurious view of the picturesque surrounding.

Level up your self-care

Go ahead and treat yourself to a spa for a massage or facial treatment. If sleep is all you need, then why not take the time to stay the whole day in your bed, dining on it while watching TV? Get that scented candles to freshen up the air, bask in the scent, and just appreciate life.

Nothing’s better more than having a day or a couple of it spent for yourself. Remember that if deep inside you know you need a break, then take it and never even feel guilty about it. Choose to live to the fullest.

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