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The Essential Guide to Playing Lacrosse

Like any other sports, it is crucial to understand the basics, especially when you have not tried them yet. Hence, if you are planning to try your hand at Lacrosse, then it is best to know the basics.

Lacrosse is a team sport. Each teammate passes a ball using a stick. It must have either a mesh or a net so that you can transfer the ball from one of your teammates. The sport originated in Native American communities where it once was a part of training the tribal warriors for a battle almost a thousand years ago. Since the French Jesuit missionaries documented the game, it soon gained popularity and codified in Canada back in 1867. But unlike its original version, Lacrosse players now must wear padding and helmets as protection.

Objective of Lacrosse

Each of the team has ten active players for the entire game. It consists of one goalkeeper, three midfielders, three defenders, and three attackers. The players hold either short or long sticks. The short stick measures between 50 and 42 inches, while the long stick measures at least 52 and 72 inches. Meanwhile, the goalkeeper has a different stick that he uses to keep the opponent from making a score. The ball that they use is mainly made of rubber and is at least 8 inches in diameter. All players should wear safety gear throughout the game. These are helmets, mouthpieces, arm pads, should pads, and gloves.

Playing Lacrosse Like a Pro

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Since the objective of the game is to score a goal, you need to learn how to thrust the ball using your stick so that it manages to cross the goal line. But if you’re only new to the sport, you need to come up with ways to help you learn the basics quickly. You need to catch the ball as if you are catching a thrown egg. It means that you need to drop the head of your stick back as soon as you receive the ball so that it should not pop out from your net. It is almost the same way you’d maneuver your hands to prevent the thrown egg from breaking.

You also need to ensure that you always face the location of the ball throughout the game. You need to meet the passer all the time. Doing so will give you a better view of where the ball will go as it travels directly toward your stick. Using a stalker radar gun is essential to understand the speed of the ball as it goes toward your stick.

You also need to practice the art of retaining the ball inside the pocket of your stick all the time. It is a skill that most players call cradling. It is a fundamental skill that, once mastered, frees your eyes up to look at the field and find an opportunity to either pass or shoot. Although it is complicated at first, you will soon discover the fun of playing the sport. You need to keep your game simple at first and try to go further as you go along.

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