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Celebrating Halloween with Your Kids

Halloween is the time of the year when kids get to be superheroes, folklore creatures, and even other iconic figures. It is the time of the year when parents decorate their houses to embody the spooky spirit, and in some places, there are even local horror-themed events and competitions.

One of the most popular would be local zombie-themed survival games, where it is a battle-royale between (fake) zombies and humans. While the idea may sound terrible to some parents, it is actually fun and worthwhile. After all, part of Halloween is some adrenaline-filled activities, right?

However, if you want to simply go out, relax, and spend time with your kids this spooky season, doing family Halloween events is the way to go. You can spend quality time with your kids like you do at the park, but with some Halloween vibes that your kids would enjoy.

On the other hand, if you are a working parent who rarely has the time to partake in such activities, it is time to close your laptop and join the fun. Here are some important things that might help you get started:

Learn How to Carve Your Pumpkins

Whenever we think of Halloween, pumpkins are one of the first things to come to mind. Those big, orange, creepy, and smiling pumpkins are perhaps the traditional icon of American Halloween next to spiders and iconic horror antagonists. If your kid seems enthusiastic about Halloween, seeing other kids on the street dress up and do spooky stuff, you should at least start with carving pumpkins together.

It is understandable to be a busy parent, and you cannot accompany your kid outside all night long. However, you should at least be able to do this with them, especially at fanfares or family events.

Carving pumpkins are not so bad, you only need a pumpkin and a kid-friendly knife. You can start by guiding your kid in outlining the smile he wants, and then proceed by slicing an opening lid on top of the pumpkin. After which, you carve out the organic carcass of the fruit until it is a hollow shell, and then you can finally cut the outline out. Lastly, leave the pumpkin to dry out, and voila, you have your first ever pumpkin head!

Be Creative With Your Kid’s Costume!

Halloweens are just as powerful as birthdays and Christmas to your kid’s childhood experience. Even more so, they would remember it more because of the traditional costume events during trick or treat nights. Why? It’s because Halloween lets kids be anyone they want, from Disney princesses and Marvel heroes to Attack on Titan’s characters and more. Kids always dream about dressing up as their idols and heroes, and as parents, you should support them.

If their character’s costumes are rather scarce, you can always try to do DIY crafts! It can also serve as quality time bonding with your kid. Say, for example, your son wants to wear the Infinity Gauntlet worn by the Marvel anti-hero Thanos, then you can find the solution with cardboard and acrylic paint! You would be surprised with the things you have at home and how they can transform into a Halloween prop costume. All you need to have is an open mind and an eye for imagination!

Attend Halloween Events

We have mentioned local Halloween events and how it’s going to be fun. There are different activities, ranging from creative crafting to physical game events. There are competitions regarding the best pumpkin, costume, and even front lawn. So, after working very hard for your child’s props, it is only right to head out and flex what your kid has.

Halloween can last a week, sometimes even a month. However, taking a work break during this spooky night to be with your kid would be everything for them. Also, who knows? You might even need a casual break from all your corporate duties. Who said anything about Halloween being exclusive for kids?

Even adults can go and enjoy the season of spookiness! Embrace your spontaneous side and do something that will shoot you up with adrenaline. Go visit a horror house, for example, or play friendly pranks with your neighbors. After all, adults are grown-up kids anyways.

Halloween is not as popular as Christmas, but it can even be more fun especially for children. Do not let this opportunity pass you and your kids by. Step out and enjoy the little things and big moments brought to you by the season. Your kids would remember them forever.

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