Before You Fire That Gun, Know These 4 Gun Safety Rules First

The responsible and safe use of any firearm is crucial to protect not only your safety but your gun rights and those of future generations as well. So when looking to purchase your first gun or one of those CZ rifles for sale, you need to know about four of the most vital rules for gun safety. These apply all the time and to everyone, whether to experienced shooters or newbies, regardless of the circumstances.

Gun Safety Rule #1 – Treat All Guns as Loaded, ALWAYS

Even if a friend hands you an “unloaded” gun and says that it’s unloaded, treat the gun as loaded—period. When handing a gun to another person, detach the magazine, open the chamber, and then show the other person the empty gun. When using a revolver, open the cylinder and then remove the rounds. When accepting a gun, always treat it as loaded and then check if it is or not before doing anything with it.

Gun Safety Rule #2 – Keep Your Shooting Finger Away from the Trigger Until You’re 100% Ready to Fire

finger away from trigger

When you pick up or draw your gun, put your trigger or shooting finger straight across the gun frame’s side. Never place your shooting finger on the trigger until you’ve set your sight on your target and are ready to shoot. Putting your finger on the trigger before you being 100% ready to fire could be very dangerous since a misstep or an unexpected movement could easily lead to you accidentally pulling the trigger. And please keep in mind that this applies even if you’re taking a selfie of being photographed.

Gun Safety Rule #3 – Never Aim The Muzzle at Anything You Wouldn’t Want to Shoot

A gun that’s properly holstered, stored, or simply lying on a stable surface, and not pointed somewhere you don’t intend to fire at is not a danger to anyone—provided that there are no kids around that is. This applies when looking, cleaning, or handling the gun, practicing, shooting, or when defending yourself. The risk comes into play only when the gun is handled improperly and unsafely.

Gun Safety Rule #4 – Know Your Target, What’s In Line with Your Target, and What’s Behind Your Target

Always positively identify what your target is, and keep in mind that in most cases, a bullet fired won’t stop with just the target, but could pass through walls and other things. When using your gun for self-defense, be aware of who or what’s behind your target so that you could evaluate the risk of accidentally firing at an innocent person.

Never, ever play or fool around with firearms. They are dangerous tools when utilized or handled incorrectly and irresponsibly, and could easily harm or even kill you or others around you. You must always follow these gun safety rules to avoid accidents because when it comes to guns, you won’t get second chances. So whether you’re just admiring your gun, hunting, or practicing at the range, remember safety above all else.

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