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NewsroomWe aim to make Off The Record (OTR) a family-friendly, un-biased, down-the-middle sports website. We strongly believe that regular, sit-down family meals and OTR can help re-build the American family and make this country great again. At OTR, we are looking out for you, the reader.

Sometimes sports news can be confusing or slanted by liberal or conservative media outlets who are just looking to push their own agenda. Well, not at OTR. We are straight down the middle when it comes to sports and refuse to offer a left or right slant. It’s not about us, it’s not about sports, it’s not about athletes who chase their wives and daughters with golf clubs and then strangle them.

No sir, it’s not about us…it’s about you.

You can rest assured that you can always refresh OTR to get the latest sports news with no hidden agendas. Invite the kids too, they might just learn something.

About the Authors:

Micah Warren: Micah first broke onto the scene with Garry “G.” Cobb on his website Micah was the first to break news of Asante Samuel’s free agent signing with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008. He was also the first to report the Eagles interest in Larry Fitzgerald as well as several offers that the Eagles had made for Fitzgerald. Micah also does occasional guest spots on 94 WIP Sports Radio Philadelphia. And in addition to that, he has also bravely and courageously beaten the rap for numerous civil indiscretions including, assault, domestic assault, felony assault, vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon, jeopardizing a minor, jeopardizing a miner (anything goes in those caves), attempted murder, felony murder, rape, animal cruelty, misdemeanor assault, and a couple other things he’d prefer weren’t mentioned.

Marlon Jones: Marlon is the premiere Pac 12 homer on the planet. Forged from the steel of Sparky’s pitchfork, the former 6′ 7″ ASU Sundevil hoopster (he’s actually still 6′ 7″) loves any and all sports including, but not limited to, men’s field hockey, frisbee golf, hacky sack, junior varsity ASU women’s volleyball, junior varsity ASU men’s volleyball, archery, beekeeping (that’s not a sport, Marlon), flip cup (also not a sport, Marlon) and especially sled dog racing (he has a Susan Butcher autographed 8×10 in his library). Finally, OTR has another left coast point of view! Besides being tall, dark and handsome, this legend in his own mind brings an unbridled love for all athletic competitions.

Mike Perry: Perry (we don’t know of anyone that calls him Mike) has been an OTR contributor since 2008. To say he is always on the scene is an understatement. If an athlete needs to be scolded for selfish play, he’s there. If an athlete needs to be chided for getting wasted and chasing his family with a golf club, Perry is there. If an accurate, descriptive photo caption needs to be penned….Perry is most definitely there. Perry is a name that you can always trust in professional and, at times, some amateur sports.

Tony Bonanno: Tony controls the entire West Coast for OTR as far as you know. He’s a contributor to KNBR radio out in San Francisco, as well as KQED-TV. In short: he’s important. He’s also probably the best guitar player out of the entire OTR staff. Micah is not happy about this.

Steve Trikosec: Steve’s contributions to OTR can only be understated. And overstating his contributions can only be done with understatements. However, he is by far our most fair and balanced sports writer, and he mentions “fair and balanced” in just about every other sentence when conversing in the newsroom with colleagues.


We love our sponsors! They help us keep this blog going, and forget that we have day jobs for a few minutes. But some people (who are smarter than us) said we needed to tell you this:

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So, there you go. Yell at us all you want about sports. But, not because the new sneakers you bought were two sizes too small.