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Eagles cut Worley

Everyone knew that the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t be keeping wide receiver Torrey Smith even after he helped them win a Super Bowl. So, when they were able to send him to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for former third-roundup pick Daryl Worley, that was a win-win.

Until this past weekend happened. Worley was arrested after police found him unresponsive in his car around 6 a.m. Saturday morning. He was combative, had to be tased and thusly thrown in the clink. It didn’t help that they found a gun in the car too.

So, the Eagles had a think for about a day and on Sunday, they made the move to cut Worley.

After adding Michael Bennett and finding out about his arrest for a little shovey shove of a 66-year old paraplegic in Houston, the Eagles could have felt like the locker room was starting to get too turdish. And it’s much easier to make an example of a guy who was young and not going to start.

One of the strengths of the Eagles Super Bowl champion team was the locker room and high character leaders and players. That’s not really something they are looking to mess with as they look to repeat.

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