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Flyers are going dancing

On the heels of Villanova’s historic (it’s not historic) national title in NCAA men’s basketball, it’s fair to use a March Madness reference when discussing another Philadelphia sports team. At least, as far as I’m concerned.

The Philadelphia Flyers needed to get a point in Saturday’s game against the New York Rangers in order to clinch a playoff spot in the NHL Playoffs. But, what they got was even more.

A lot more.

Not really.

They ended up getting two points as they blanked the Rangers 5-0. Brian Elliott pitched a much-needed shutout in stopping 16 shots.

Captain Claude Giroux finished off his historic (it’s not historic) season with 102 points after he registered a hat trick against the evil Rangers. He was a beast this season and the Flyers will need him in the playoffs because their goaltending is shoddy at best.

While I wouldn’t think the Flyers are a huge threat to do much in the playoffs, it is the NHL. And you don’t have to look back much farther than 2010 when the Fly Guys made the Stanley Cup as a seven seed.

Fingers crossed.

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