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Welcome to spring, snow derails Mets/Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies and their shiny new manager Gabe Kapler would like to redeem themselves. Sure, they only went 1-2 in their opening series against the Atlanta Braves, but they looked terrible in doing so.

It was an absolutely managerial disaster in which Kapler made bonehead move after bonehead move. Hopefully for the Phillies, he’s figures out this whole “managing a professional baseball team” thing.

But, if Kapler and the Phillies are going to redeem themselves, it will have to wait a day. New York Mets reporter James Wagner says that snow has derailed their Monday night matchup.

“Because of the weather, the Mets have postponed tonight’s game against the Phillies to a single-admission doubleheader on July 9,” Wagner tweets.

So, Kapler will have to wait another day to prove that he can actually do this job.

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