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Gruden didn’t like King

You may have heard that the Oakland Raiders recently cut punter Marquette King. He still had three years left on his deal and is one of the best punters in all of football.

I just figured that it was money related, as teams love to give good punters decent contracts and then cut them a year or two later when they can save a ton by going with some cheap kid. The kid is almost never as good as the higher priced punter, but he’s close enough that they feel they can with him.

So, it was a little shocking that news came out that head coach Jon Gruden didn’t just cut him for money reasons (although the Raiders will save $2.9 million against the cap). It turns out, he cut him for personality reasons.

I don’t know what personality issues those are, but I guess I could see Gruden not liking his punter to dance when he drills a ball inside the five yard line (King does this…I love it). Maybe he didn’t like it back in 2016 when King got personal foul penalties in back-to-back games.

Regardless, King will find a home shortly. He might not get a deal as big as his last one, but he won’t be on the street very long.

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