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Source: Bennett pushed his way through security

By now, you’ve surely heard about the arrest of former Seattle Seahawks’ and current Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett. It’s alleged that he shoved a 66-year old paraplegic security woman and injured his shoulder as he made his way onto the field after the Patriots beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl.

In his defense, Bennett’s attorney says that he never touched the woman and there is no evidence that he did.

Well, he gets paid well to say those things.

A source within the Houston Police Department, who wants to remain anonymous, informed me that Michael Bennett, did indeed, push his way through security.

“Yes, apparently [Michael Bennett] was trying to gain access to something he didn’t have access to. He started shoving people all the way, including the girl in the wheelchair.”

My source went on to state that, “Bennett was not identified immediately … and that the prosecution was probably held up by lawyers.”

When I stated that the cop on the scene pussed out and I wouldn’t want him watching my back, my source completely agreed. The officer at the scene didn’t know who Bennett was immediately and didn’t do his job. If he would have, then none of this would be a surprise now.

The NFL is starting its own probe into the incident and this doesn’t look good for anyone involved.

My guess is the Eagles will cut bait soon, but maybe the Houston PD should too.

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