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How will Phillies use Kingery?

Now that the Philadelphia Phillies have signed Scott Kingery to a six-year contract, the questions now becomes: How will they use him? They certainly didn’t sign him to be a bench player.

He can be used all over the place in the infield and outfield, but if MLB odds for the season, I think he takes over at third base pending a Maikel Franco trade, or second base following a Cesar Hernandez trade. They both need to play well and prove they are good everyday players in order to prop up their trade value.

Corey Seidman of NBC Sports breaks down how they might approach Kingery on a day-to-day basis:

Let’s look at the first series of the season, for example. In Game 1, the Phillies face Julio Teheran. Maikel Franco is 10 for 28 against Teheran and Hernandez is 3 for 28. That would be a clear-cut opportunity to start Kingery at second and sit Hernandez, though the Phils may give Hernandez the nod just because it’s opening day.

In Game 2, the Phillies face hard-throwing righty Mike Foltynewicz. Both Franco and Hernandez have had success against Foltynewicz, so that would be an opportunity to start both.

In Game 3, the Phillies draw veteran right-hander Brandon McCarthy, who the Phils have barely faced. A scenario like that could come down to who looks best in batting practice. It could come down to Kapler opting for the best defensive arrangement. Don’t be shocked if the Phillies’ lineup comes out a bit later than the standard 3 p.m. hour this season.

This makes perfect sense to start the season. They’ll surely get him involved somehow on an everyday basis, especially when we see how well or not well Franco and/or Hernandez play. A hot start by either of them could see that player shipped off well before the trade deadline.

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