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Taylor not a “bridge quarterback”…sure, whatever

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson has a ton of credibility. He’s just the second coach in NFL history to lose all 16 games of an NFL season. When he was stinking up the joint as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, he openly complained about wanting to be a bigger part of the overall decision-making process and no one wanted to hear it and he was subsequently fired.

So, you may have noticed recently that the Browns made a move for former Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. It seemed obvious that Taylor would be a seat warmer who could win some games while the quarterback of the future that the Browns drafted with that No. 1 or No. 4 pick, waited in the wings.

But, Jackson said that’s not the case. He’s trying to tell us that Taylor is the legit quarterback of the football team. He says he’s not a “bridge quarterback.”

“This is the starting quarterback on our team,” said Jackson. “There are no ‘bridge’ players. This guy walks in having more wins than a lot of people in this building. Hopefully, that will rub off on the rest.”

Sure, bro. Whatever you say. I get that this is coach speak, but do you really expect us to believe a word of that?

Taylor will have a short leash until the QB of the future (meaning the next draft bust for the Browns) is ready to take the field and disappoint the entire Cleveland metropolitan area.

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