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RV tips for Sebring 12-hour race

Auto racing fans are fully aware of what’s happening this weekend in Sebring, Florida. It’s the 12-hours of Sebring auto race at Sebring International Raceway.

It’s great entertainment and even better if you rent an RV and go hang out with your friends for a few days.

But, what if always wanted to rent an awesome luxury RV, but have never been to this Sebring race and don’t know what you’re doing? Couldn’t that be a nightmare? Well, it could, but that’s why we asked Rob Tischler, owner of Allstar Coaches to help us out with some tips.

Here is some help from Rob for when you’re ready to rent a luxury RV and go to Sebring Raceway:

1. Stock up on supplies beforehand: Sebring is a rural resort town and access to supplies could be difficult, especially with all the race crowds.
2. Fill fresh water to the max: Once you are inside the race, access to “honeywagon” services will be tough as there are high demands for those services. It could take more than 12 hours to get water.
3. Conserve water!: This brings me to my next point, take short showers and conserve your water for the exact reason I just mentioned. The RV’s hold a lot of water, but it’s not bottomless.
4. Bring earplugs: Sebring is a 12-hour race, and that can be a lot of constant white noise that could potentially damage your hearing. The constant noise can and will fatigue your ears, but this can be avoided with inexpensive ear plugs.
5. Empty gray and black water tanks completely: Once you see levels at 50% capacity, I highly recommend you schedule honeywagon services. This isn’t something you’ll want to wait on.
6. Get the good stuff before you leave for the race: As I mentioned before, Sebring is a smaller, rural town, so you won’t have access to some of your higher end meats, cheeses and other food and drink. A nice steak blends wonderfully with the Sebring race, so get your favorite cut before you get to town.

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