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Eickhoff will open season on DL

The Philadelphia Phillies have a decent young team with a lot of upside. Of course, “upside” really means a lot of question marks. If everyone plays to their potential, they could be a playoff team. That’s really big “if,” however.

So, they can’t afford to take on too many injuries, certainly not to their starting pitching staff. So, the news about Jerad Eickhoff’s lat strain isn’t good. According to Jim Salisbury of NBC Philly, he’ll begin the season on the disabled list.

“Jerad Eickhoff in Philly today having strained lat examined. Will open on DL,” Salisbury tweets.

Eickhoff will be out 6-8 weeks, which ain’t great. He was supposed to be the team’s third starter behind Aaron Nola and newly acquired Jake Arrieta. Now, it looks like that role will go to Vincent Velasquez, who has shown that he can be dominant or an injury-riddled headache.

This opens the door in the rotation for guys like Ben Lively, Nick Pivetta or Mark Lieter Jr. No one is excited about these guys. They’ve flashed at times, but I don’t think anyone would be doing jumping jacks to see one of them fill out the rotation.

Then again, they’re all young with “upside.”

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