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Eagles vs. England

Looking for some new sporting facts to rattle off on the next game day? The USA’s American Football and UK’s Rugby Union are two sports similar enough to compare while being two totally different games all together.

The NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles are proud Super Bowl champions, while England’s National Rugby Team, or the Three Lions as they’re also known, have got a World Cup under their belt. These two powerhouse teams have a few similarities, such as the average height of their players sitting at 6’2” and their tallest players both being 6’6”, however that’s where many of the similarities end. has created a competitive infographic scaling these two teams against each other, comparing facts like the capacity of each team’s home stadium and player statistics and performance. With all these ruled up next to each other, it’s up to you to decide who the champion is overall.

The Eagles have more standout players, with members like Nick Foles and Alshon Jeffery reigning in top with the highest point scores. However, the Three Lions have more consistency as a team, with more consecutive wins and points scored overall.

Brandon Brooks is the Eagles heaviest player, weighing in at 151kgs, which is twice as heavy as their lightest player, Jake Elliot at 77kgs. Comparatively, the Three Lions only have a 40kg weight span between their lightest and heaviest, being Marcus Smith at 82kgs to Mako Vunipola at 121kgs.

Next time you’re cracking open a cold one at a game, pair it with one of these fun facts to impress the crowd with your knowledge.

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