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Sean Smith going to jail

Wow, this is something. You hear about athletes getting into trouble all the time, but you rarely hear about them going to jail and actually doing time. Once in a while someone like Donte Stallworth will do 30 days, but it’s rare that a Michael Vick does more than two years in the clink.

The Oakland Raiders just released free agent bust Sean Smith on the same day that Smith found out about his new home.

“Raiders cornerback Sean Smith will plead guilty Tuesday to a felony count of assault with great bodily injury related to an altercation in Pasadena last year, per a person familiar with the matter,” tweets Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times.

Yikes. He was facing up to seven years if convicted of all the assault charges stemming from an August assault in Pasadena. Smith apparently beat the ever-loving snot out of Christopher Woods, who was (is?) his sister’s boyfriend.

Could make for an awkward Thanksgiving! One guy sitting there with bruises and bandages eating his turkey through a straw, while a chair across from him is noticeably empty. Awkwaaaaaard.

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