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NFL teams are dicks

So, I guess NFL teams and executives learned nothing from Jeff Ireland. You may or may not remember Ireland famously asked Dez Bryant at the 2010 NFL Combine if his mother was a prostitute. It was completely inappropriate, but clearly illustrated the lengths to which NFL teams (some) will go to find out everything they possibly can about a player before they draft him.

Well, apparently, Ireland’s actions either didn’t teach anyone any lessons or the lesson wore off. In a post-Michael Sam world, LSU running back Derrius Guice was asked some pretty inappropriate questions by an unnamed NFL team.

“Some people really try to get in your head, man. … I’d go in one room and a team would ask me, ‘Do I like men?’ just to see my reaction,” Guice said. “They’d try to bring up one of my family members or somebody and tell me, ‘Hey, man, I heard your mom sells herself. How do you feel about that?’”

The team is unnamed (for now) and I’m wondering if both questions were from the same stupid team or if this is more of a league-wide problem. These kids are nervous as hell, it’s the biggest job interview they’ll most likely ever have in their lifetime and you’re going to ask questions like that.

I get that teams are trying to uncover every possible reason as to why a player will or won’t succeed on the next level, but there has to be some sort of damn line. Asking a guy if his mom sells herself or if he’s gay? Absolutely ridiculous. I’m pretty sure you can bet that the team(s) that asked these questions will be outed at some point.

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