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Patriots pick up Britt’s option

You may or may not remember that the New England Patriots picked up Kenny Britt back in mid December. He was so good in 2017 that the teeming-with-talent Cleveland Browns didn’t want him.

He was a complete dog for the Browns (who isn’t?) and most of the time didn’t even look like he wanted to be out there. I guess it’s team culture.

Now, the Patriots look like they want to keep him. According to Ian Rapoport, the team has told Britt that they are picking up his 2018 option for $1.5 million.

“#Patriots WR Kenny Britt was informed that his option was picked up, source said. He’s back for 2018 and they’re looking for big things out of him,” Rapoport tweets.

I wonder what they mean when they say “big things.” True, he’s only 30-years old and has at times shown that he can really play. But, he’s been wildly inconsistent throughout his career.

That said, his $1.5 million salary isn’t guaranteed for this season and if he’s going to succeed anywhere, where would that be? Exactly. It’s worth keeping him.

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