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Eagles already getting offers for Foles

After the cheering and celebrating subsided (a bit) following the Philadelphia Eagles’ historic Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots last month, the next question was, “now what do they do with Nick Foles?”

They now have a Super Bowl champion quarterback as the backup to their MVP candidate Carson Wentz. Wentz is recovering from an ACL injury and his status for Week 1 isn’t known yet, so this is definitely a nuanced conversation.

There are many who think the Eagles should do nothing and just keep him as insurance for another year. Others think they Eagles need to trade him now as his value will never be higher.

Regardless of what the fans think, Geoff Mosher of is reporting that they are already getting offers on Foles.

Interest in Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has sparked, and it appears the team will have some tough decisions to make about the Super Bowl MVP’s future.

An AFC team has already offered a second-round pick for Foles, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. The offer was proposed earlier this offseason, per the source.

I doubt a second-round pick will be enough to move Foles at this point. It might later on if/when they think they are going to lose him (the final three years of his five-year contract void if he’s on the Eagles’ roster at the end of next season), but it’s way too early to be jumping for a second rounder. A first-round pick would probably get the Eagles thinking, but I doubt they would do anything until or after the NFL Draft.

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