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Odell wants what?!

You have to be kidding me. New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. is one of the best in the business, but he’s a little out of his mind if this report is to be believed.

Beckham is headed into the final year of his rookie deal, and it’s probably obvious that the Giants would like to keep him. Unless he’s asking for absolutely stupid money.

And he is.

NFL Network tweeted out some news from Mike Garafolo on what Beckham is looking for in his new deal. Before I write what it is, let me just pass along that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is making a crap ton of money at $17 million per season.

“Per @MikeGarafolo: Odell Beckham Jr. wants at least $20 million in his next contract,” NFL Network tweets.

I want $20 million per year in my next contract too. Guess what?

This is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s not forget to mention that Beckham is coming off of a gruesome broken ankle injury that cut his season short last year. I’m not sure if now is the time to ask for historical, break-the-bank money. You might get franchised and like it.

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