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Rosen denies not wanting to play for Browns

The top of the NFL Draft should be quite interesting this year, with the Cleveland Browns needing to fill almost every position on their entire roster and quarterback being at the top of that list. The Browns, much to the dismay of every collegiate football player, have two picks in the top four, holding the No. 1 and No. 4 picks.

We’d previously heard that UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen was among the very, very many who want nothing to do with the Browns. He made a comment about the fact that he’d rather be a lower pick with the right team than a higher pick with the wrong team.

Most assumed that was a slag at the Browns (probably was).

However, Michael Silver says that Rosen clarified those remarks with him last week and said it had nothing to do with Cleveland.

“Ex-UCLA QB Josh Rosen told me last week, ‘I’ve never said anything about not wanting to play in Cleveland. I don’t know where that came from. There’s absolutely no foundation in reality in that (report).’,” Silver tweets.

Actually, Josh, if you had said, ‘I’m really hoping the Browns take me!’, we’d assume that there was something wrong with you. Very wrong. Cleveland is where players’ careers go to die.

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