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Cousins’ agent putting the word out

The agent for Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins must be awfully busy these days. Not only does he have contracts to negotiate and meetings coming up at the NFL Combine, but he’s also stirring up market rumors about his client.

Last week, we heard about how the New York Jets were set to do whatever they had to in order to land Cousins. Then there were rumors of some secret meeting with John Elways of the Denver Broncos.

Now, Ian Rapoport is parroting what Mike Garafolo has been saying for awhile now, that the Minnesota Vikings are going to be heavily involved in this process.

“Mike has been shouting this from the beginning. And yes, the #Vikings are going to be in very heavy on Cousins,” Rapoport tweets.

Sure, the lead up to the NFL Draft is always filled with ridiculous rumors planted to throw off the dogs. But, rumor season really starts with the beginning of free agency. If the Vikings really wanted to go all in on Cousins, why would they leak that out?

I definitely think the Jets and Vikings will be making plays for Cousins, maybe the Buffalo Bills (probably not happening) and the Cleveland Browns (definitely not happening unless they overpay) too. The Broncos will probably do some tire kicking and make a move if they can clear major cap space.

But, as of right now, all of this wreaks of agent speak.

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