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DeSean has another curious incident

Remember that time Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly decided to just flat out cut DeSean Jackson for reasons not entirely understood? Then it seemed like the team planted an article on that made it sound like the team was concerned with his gang ties?

DeSean Jackson, now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, denied being in a gang and we really don’t think he is/was. But, he has admitted that he’s friends with some gang members. That might explain how his home in Los Angeles was broken into and robbed in 2015. That followed an incident where his home in the Philly area was broken into and he lost $150,000 worth of cash and jewels and he didn’t seem all that interested in finding and catching the suspect(s).

That’s odd, isn’t it? It doesn’t make him a criminal of any kind, but it certainly makes you wonder who the hell he is hanging out with.

Now? There is another curious incident in Tampa, where a car in his name was found wrecked on Christmas Eve, riddled with bullets and weed inside.

Jenna Laine of ESPN says that the case is basically shut due to lack of any evidence.

“Spoke to Tampa Police. They told me that the case involving the DeSean Jackson vehicle that was found wrecked with bullets and marijuana inside is currently inactive because they don’t have any witnesses or evidence to place the driver behind the wheel,” Laine tweets.

DeSean says he wasn’t driving and those aren’t his bullets or his weed. Is it entirely possible that a friend of his was in one of his cars and got into some trouble? Sure. Is it yet another odd incident tied to DeSean that makes you scratch your head? Absolutely.

When was the last time police found a car wrecked in your name with weed and bullets in it and no one knows anything about who was driving it?

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