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Dolphins tag Landry…to trade him?

The Miami Dolphins have had a difficult decision to make on Jarvis Landry for more than a year or so now. He’s set to become a free agent, but for whatever reason, they haven’t been able to negotiate a long-term deal.

It’s not because he’s not a good player. He’s one of the great wide receivers to come out of that 2014 NFL Draft class. But, regardless the Dolphins had to do something with him or else he’d walk in free agency.

So, on the first day that they were allowed to do so by the NFL, the Dolphins slapped the franchise tag on him. That means, if he plays under the tag this year, he’ll make $16 million and be the third highest paid wide receiver behind Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant.

But, will he?

A league source tells PFT that the Dolphins tagged him so quickly because they are intent on trading him. We’ll see if that ends up happening. They could also work out an extension, or remove the tag and release him.

This can’t be great news for DeVante Parker. It’s decision time on him soon too. They’ll need to make a call on what to do with him for 2019 this offseason.

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