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Jets want Cousins

While everyone’s favorite biped, Peter King, is predicting that (soon-to-be) former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins will likely land with the Denver Broncos, ESPN’s Rich Cimini is saying otherwise.

According to Cimini, the New York Jets will do just about anything it takes to go and nab Cousins.

It’s simple: Get Cousins. The Jets want him badly, and sources say they’re willing to pay whatever it takes — unless the Washington Redskins decide to tag him for a third time (unlikely). Money aside, the Jets hope to convince him he’ll have a chance to win in New York. Because of obvious deficiencies on the current roster, they must sell him a championship vision. Their recruiting pitch also will stress his familiarity with the offensive system. In addition to making Cousins wildly rich, the Jets want to let him know he’ll be comfortable with the scheme and coaches.

The Jets have $70 million in cap room, so money shouldn’t be an option. And if they need more? Hey, Muhammad! Bye!

The Jets were surprisingly not awful last year and adding Cousins could make them come in second in the AFC East next year.

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