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Texans to release Cushing

They say the best ability is availability. And when you are constantly getting suspended by the NFL for PED violations, you certainly aren’t available to your team to be on the field.

And that’s the case of Houston Texans LB Brian Cushing. That guy does PEDs like Josh Gordon smokes weed. And, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans are sick of his crap.

“The Texans have told ILB Brian Cushing that he’ll be released sometime before the league year begins March 14. The emergence of second-year ILBs Zach Cunningham and Dylan Cole made Cushing expendable. They’ll save $7.64 milliion under the salary cap when he’s released,” McClain tweets.

Someone will sign Cushing, but I don’t think he’ll get a huge deal, especially if he asks for steroids to be a part of his signing bonus.

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