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Garoppolo cashes in

The San Francisco 49ers were able to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots last year for a second-round pick. People have been trying to get this guy away from Belichick for what seems like forever.

So, they were able to get him and he played in several games towards the end of the year. He looked pretty damn good – as I’m sure they thought he would – and he won a few games for them at a time when it seemed like they couldn’t buy one.

Apparently, they liked what they saw. With his contract expiring, the Niners have locked him up with a pretty huge deal.

“The 49ers and QB Jimmy Garoppolo have agreed to a five-year, $137.5 million contract, source says. The biggest deal in NFL history on a average-per-year basis,” tweets Mike Garafolo (no relation to the quarterback).

That’s a huge deal, good for him. It doesn’t say what’s guaranteed, but that doesn’t really matter. Agents make that crap up all the time. The signing bonus will be guaranteed, but the additional guaranteed money can be guaranteed for injury only. Meaning, if they cut your ass you don’t get it. That’s hardly “guaranteed.”

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