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Porzingis tears ACL

This isn’t good. The New York Knicks have actually looked somewhat decent this year, and this is certainly not going to help.

One of the very bright spots for the Knicks is young giant Kristaps Porzingis. Or should I say, “was” a bright young spot.

After a big dunk on Tuesday night, Porzingis went down like a Saigon whore. And it wasn’t good. According to the Knicks official PR Twitter account, he’s going to be out for a while.

“Medical Update: An MRI confirmed that Kristaps Porzingis tore the ACL in his left knee,” tweets the Knicks official PR Twitter account.

This is a shame. Such a great young player who will now have to undergo surgery and be out into next season. Then there is the amount of time it will take him to get comfortable and confident in the knee.

Not good news for Knicks fans. At least he’ll finally get some rest now.

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