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Should Lions still want Patricia?

The New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday 41-33 in the Super Bowl. It was an incredible game, especially if you don’t really care about either team and just wanted to see a shootout.

The Eagles have a very good defense, but you wouldn’t have known it. They really made only one big play in the game, it just happened to be a forced fumble with a little bit more than two minutes left in the game.

The Patriots weren’t known to have a great defense and it looked like it. They made one interception and it was really no one’s fault or anyone’s great play. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia really didn’t have any answers for anything the Eagles were doing. They rung up 41 points on his unit and that’s with two missed extra points.

Today, the Detroit Lions announced Patricia as their new head coach. One has to be thinking what was going through the head of Detroit general manager Bob Quinn’s head as he watched Nick Foles skate up and down the field on Patricia’s defense for the better part of 60 minutes on Sunday.

So, congratulations to Patricia is now the new Lions coach, but I wonder if there was a little buyer’s remorse for the Lions as they watched a backup quarterback completely shred his defense.

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