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Bills won’t get Cousins

Now that the Washington Redskins have traded for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, speculation has been rampant regarding the fate of their previous quarterback Kirk Cousins. We know he won’t be back in D.C. and there are plenty of teams who could/should be interested in his services.

The Buffalo Bills? The Cleveland Browns? The New York Jets? The Denver Broncos?

All good candidates.

However, we might have to cross off one of the most likely suitors. The Buffalo Bills are expected to move on from Tyrod Taylor and they actually made the playoffs this year. One could argue that they are a decent quarterback away from advancing past the Wild Card round.

But, Mark Guaghan of the Buffalo News argues that they won’t be in on the Cousins bidding. He writes that “nothing about his history suggests he’s a lift-a-modestly-talented-squad-on-his shoulders player.” He also notes that the Bills won’t have the salary cap space to fit a guy who will most likely command top dollar.

He’s probably right, and while I’m not the biggest Cousins fan, I do think they should look into his costs. Don’t just assume he’s going to command Matt Stafford or Derek Carr money. He’s just not as good as those guys. If he was, do you think Washington would have let him walk? If he was so great, would the Redskins have franchise tagged him the last two years?

Of course not. Cousins could end up being fools gold for some team. Thusly, I expect him to land with the Browns or the Dolphins.

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