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Redskins give Smith four-year extension

By now, you’ve surely heard about the blockbuster NFL trade that just happened Tuesday night. The Washington Redskins have sent a third-round pick and an unnamed player to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for quarterback Alex Smith.

The trade can’t become official until the start of the league year in March.

You know what else can’t be official? The four-year contract extension the Redskins worked out with Smith that pays him probably way too much money considering his age.

The 34-year old has agreed to a deal worth $94 million with $71 million in guarantees. I guaranteee those guarantees aren’t guaranteed.

What does this mean for the Chiefs? Well, it obviously means the beginning of the Pat Mahomes era, their first-round pick in 2017. But, it also means a cap savings of $17 million. Wow.

What does this mean for the Redskins? Well, Kirk Cousins is certainly a goner. They clearly didn’t want to give him a long-term commitment after they franchise tagged the last two years. And what would it cost to franchise tag him again this year? $34 million! Nope! Not doing that.

I don’t know that this makes Washington a much better football team, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. They are getting – in my opinion – a better quarterback at a better price. They are also losing what became an annual headache with the franchise tag.

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