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Davis Webb an “afterthought”

The New York Giants spent a 2017 third-round pick on Cal quarterback Davis Webb III. He’s not really Davis Webb III, but just Davis Webb. Still, it seems like he should be Davis Webb III.

Even though Ben McAdoo geniuously decided to bench Eli Manning for like a game or so, even though Manning wasn’t the problem (although he wasn’t exactly awesome either), he never got a look at Webb. Sure, he got a nice long look at Geno Smith, because who doesn’t need to see more Geno Smith?

So, the new regime knows nothing about Webb and they aren’t attached to him at all. Ralph Vacchiano of SNY says that Webb is really an afterthought to them.

It’s too early to say anything certain about the Giants’ plans beyond 2018 – a season they’ve made clear will still belong to Eli Manning – especially since they’re really just beginning their evaluations of the quarterbacks in the next NFL draft. But it doesn’t look like Webb is their future. The Giants hold the No. 2 overall pick in the draft and know they need a quarterback, but their new regime knows almost nothing about Webb.

And it’s hard to see how they can learn any more about him over the next three months.

“I know nothing (about Webb),” new general manager Dave Gettleman said last week at the Senior Bowl. “I know that he’s a double transfer. I’ve spent some time talking to him. He seems like a great kid. I know he followed Eli around and is learning how to be a pro. That’s what I know.”

The Giants still have Eli Manning for about one more year, and they have the Number two-overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. They know they need a quarterback of the future and could very well use that high pick on a signal caller.

So, there is a very real chance that Webb is on the outside looking in at this Giants roster. That said, he was a 2017 third-round pick, the NFL ain’t done with him by a long shot.

Unless he’s a drooling vegetable, but I think that’s just common sense.

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