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Browns could take Mayfield first

This is hardly a shocking report from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman Trophy Winner Baker Mayfield was the best quarterback at the Senior Bowl this past week.

So, it doesn’t take a ton of dot connecting to figure that the Cleveland Browns could use the first-overall pick on him.

And a league source tells Robinson just that, noting that he seems to be general manager John Dorsey’s type of guy.

“A lot of what he is as a player fits with the mentality of John Dorsey,” the league source said. “Just his mental makeup as a player, John believes in building around those kinds of guys. I think he’s a strong candidate for the top pick after this week.”

Well, there is a lot going on here. First and foremost, don’t ever believe anything you hear from anonymous sources before the NFL Draft.

Secondly, the Browns not only don’t have a quarterback, but they have blown first-round pick after first-round pick trying to take one. Whether it was Johnny Manziel, or Brady Quinn, or Brandon Weeden…all failures by just about every measuring stick available.

I’m hoping for Mayfield this isn’t true. For whatever reason, Cleveland is where careers go to die.

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