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Carr admits his back was a problem

The Oakland Raiders were a colossal disappointment this season. Many predicted before the year that they would make a deep playoff run this postseason. Didn’t come close to happening; they didn’t even make the playoffs.

It was bad enough that they made Jack Del Rio the fall guy and fired him after the season.

For some reason, quarterback Derek Carr didn’t look very good this year either after breaking out in 2016. He injured his back in Week 4 and maybe he came back too soon?

According to Carr, it bothered him all year.

“When you break three bones in your back, it doesn’t feel good,” Carr said on the Raiders Insider Podcast. “I’m thankful God healed me to the point I could walk around and be able to practice. Injuries will never be something I talk about, especially during the season, but since it’s after the season, the (back issue) was one of those things that was there.”

He said it was really bothersome, but that he didn’t want to say anything about it.

“I had to deal with it,” Carr said. “I had to do certain things to manage it, but I just didn’t talk about it. I didn’t want it to be an excuse. It was a want more than anything else. I didn’t want it to be a reason. I couldn’t let that be a reason why I couldn’t do A, B or C.”

This is good news for Raiders fans. It means that maybe Carr’s subpar season had more to do with having an awful back injury than just simply regressing.

Everyone looks forward to Carr’s play slipping next year more because Jon Gruden is a dickhead and less because his back is sore.

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