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Love pissed off teammates

I don’t think anyone should really be crying for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but things aren’t good. Not only have they won a championship in recent memory, but they’ve got LeBron James and are the third seed in the Eastern Conference.

But, they are now 27-18 (wah wah) and have lost nine of their last 12 games. That’s not good.

And it seems like a bit of the infighting has starter. Kevin Love left Saturday’s game with an illness after playing just three minutes. He also didn’t practice the following Sunday. This apparently didn’t sit well with teammates.

Adrian Wojnarowski has the deets of a recent team meeting:

Several players were pushing for the Cavaliers’ management and coaching staff to hold Love accountable for leaving the arena before the end of Saturday’s game, and then missing Sunday’s practice, league sources told ESPN.

The meeting was loud and intense, only calming down once Love spoke to those gathered in the room and explained himself, league sources said.

All is clearly not well in Cleveland right now, but that’s actually the norm for that city. I can’t see any reason to get too worried right now, they have LeBron James and it’s only January. Call me in March.

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