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Relax, Brady should be fine as far as you know

There has been a little bit of concern this week after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady injured his finger in practice. Someone hit it and there are a lot of reports that range between “he’s fine” and “he had a dislocation that penetrated the skin.” I’m paraphrasing on both, but you get the point.

So, what’s the real story? Who knows? We know that Brady is listed as questionable on the team’s official injury report, but not much else.

According to Jeff Howe on Twitter, Brady is perfectly okay and won’t have any issues on Sunday as the Patriots take the field against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game.

“After thorough treatment for a few days, Tom Brady’s hand is expected to be just fine tomorrow against the Jaguars, according to those around him,” Howe tweets.

I would say that the Patriots would be incentivized to make it sound like Brady’s hand is in terrible shape and he might not play. So, to me, the worse the Patriots say his hand is, the better it actually is. Bill Belichick loves to play with the injury report.

At this point, I’m sure Brady is fine, unless he goes out and embarrasses himself with awful throws all over the field.

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