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Haley gone

The Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be an excellent team every single year and are always a high seed in the AFC Playoffs. But, every year they seem to fall short and they haven’t made it to a Super Bowl since 2010 when they lost to the Green Bay Packers.

In the last six years with Todd Haley as offensive coordinator, they’ve had some great offenses, putting up tons of points. But again…they can’t get over that hump. They’ve faltered short of the Super Bowl every year in Haley’s tenure.

Welp, sounds like they are tired of it. According to Ian Rapoport, the Steelers are planning on letting Haley walk without a new contract.

“Sources: The #Steelers are allowing OC Todd Haley to walk now that he’s out of his contract. Pittsburgh expected to have a new OC,” Rapoport tweets.

Ben Roethlisberger publicly called for him to stay not long ago, but it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s not just that they didn’t get over the hump with Haley, it’s that he’s a colossal douchebag to deal with. That’s not me saying that, that’s like pretty much everyone who has ever had to even sell him a magazine at a newsstand. This guy is just tough to work with. It’s reported that both Big Ben and Mike Tomlin have butted heads with him.

That kind of aggravation doesn’t help you keep your job.

Mike Munchak might be next man up as offensive coordinator now.

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