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McDaniels expected to pick Colts

After kicking ass with the New England Patriots from 2001-2008 in multiple capacities, Josh McDaniels was rewarded with a head coaching job with the Denver Broncos, even if he didn’t really deserve it. He was very young and he was having NFL success as an offensive coordinator with TOM BRADY.

After a red-hot 6-0 start in 2009, which included a win over his former boss Bill Belichick, McDaniels went in the toilet and never recovered. He finished the rest of the season 2-8 and eventually got his old job back with the Patriots.

Now, after having more success with TOM BRADY, he’s back to being a big name in the NFL coaching carousel. And according to Ian Rapoport, it looks like he’s going to land with the Indianapolis Colts.

“The #Colts have held strong with their pursuit of #Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and that is expected to be his choice when an offer comes, sources tell me and @TomPelissero,” Rapoport tweets.

I can tell you right now that this entire relationship is going to depend on the health and production of one Andrew Luck. If his shoulder is messed up and he misses more time, or if he’s just never the same guy, McDaniels will be gone in two to three years, where he’ll sincerely hope that TOM BRADY is still playing in the NFL and he’ll get his old job back.

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