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Raiders hire Gruden for some reason

Well, it looks like it’s now official. We can all go back to enjoying Monday Night Football this season!

The Oakland/Las Vegas Whatever Raiders have made one of the dumbest moves they’ve made since the passing of Al Davis. It honestly makes me think that Al is still calling the shots from the great beyond.

The Raiders lured Jon Gruden out of the broadcast booth to become their head coach for a second time with a 10-year, $100 million that is as stupid as it sounds. They loved him so much the last time was there they traded him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Well, you might say “but, he’s won a Super Bowl!” Yep, he did. He won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s defense playing against THE TEAM HE JUST COACHED. Think he knew a little about their playbook and tendencies?

He does these quarterback guru sessions for television every year with incoming college quarterbacks as they prepare for the NFL Draft. Okay, when was the last time Gruden developed a young quarterback? Can’t remember? Of course you can’t, because he never did. So, I’m not sure why he’s considered some quarterback genius.

Here’s another potential problem: Derek Carr. You finally found your franchise quarterback of the future and he’s got a $125 million contract. So, you bring in someone who is not famous for working well with others? The guys I know that have played for Gruden have absolutely despised him. They hated playing for him. What if Carr can’t take it after a couple of years and wants to leave? Who is more valuable? The guy actually on the field playing football? Or the guy that’s never developed a quarterback, is irritating to everyone around him and only won a Super Bowl because someone gave him a great defense and he played against THE TEAM HE JUST COACHED?

I’d be shocked if this works out.

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