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Palmer retires, Cards got nothing

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Arizona Cardinals were a perennial force in the NFC West. Whether they won Super Bowls is irrelevant (okay, not completely), they were a damn tough team every year with a great coach, solid quarterback, insane wide receiver, a nutso running back and a nasty defense.

Well? Now, it’s not looking so good. Head coach Bruce Arians has stepped down, and that’s a huge blow.

Now, they’ve just lost their starting quarterback. Carson Palmer has officially announced his retirement.

“Over the years, I’ve had teammates who decided to hang it up and I would ask them how they knew when it was time to walk away,” Palmer said in a statement. “The answer was almost always the same: You just know. For me that time is now. Why? Quite simply, I just know.“

The 38-year old has had quite a career. He won the Heisman Trophy in 2002 and was the first-overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003. He sat all year and then finally got to start, taking an excellent Bengals team to the playoffs, only to get his knee blown out in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He eventually forced his way out of Cincy, then forced his way out of Oakland when he was with the Raiders. He finally settled on Arizona where he did really well in games that weren’t considered playoff games.

Palmer is now free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals are firmly without a head coach and a starting quarterback. They shall return to the pit of misery. Dilly dilly. (I hate those commercials, but had to do it).

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