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X-rays on Embiid’s hand negative

Whoo! This is great news for Philadelphia 76ers fans.

During Sunday night’s New Year’s Eve win over the ferocious Phoenix Suns, Sixers center Joel Embiid jumped up to steal a ball and came crashing down to the hardwood. It looked like it hurt.

And it did.

Embiid was flexing and stretching his hand, which was clearly in pain. Sixers fans held their collective breaths.

But, according to Jessica Camerato on Twitter, x-rays came back negative and he should be okay.

“Embiid had x-rays, said his hand is not broken, thinks it is sprained. “It was numb but I’m a warrior. I want to push through stuff and I want to play. I wanted to be on the court to win the game and that’s what we did,” he said.,” she tweeted.

Embiid stayed on the court and the Sixers did win. Pulling away late after blowing yet another big lead before taking the game back.

It’s not known what his status is for Wednesday’s game against the San Antonio Spurs, but I’m sure the Sixers will excercise caution.

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