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Graham leaving Seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks missed the playoffs for the first time since quarterback Russell Wilson has been in the league in 2012. They had a variety of problems, but one could easily point to the terrible offensive line, injured/depleted defense and lack of a running game (running game showed up from time to time, but damn there was a lot of shuffling of running backs).

Tight end Jimmy Graham was certainly not the problem. But, he wasn’t the solution either. After being acquired for center Max Unger and a first-round pick a few years ago, he was never really used properly the way he was in New Orleans with the Saints.

Yes, he had 10 touchdowns this season, but he was never the focal point of the offense. And let’s be clear, he could be the focal point of the offense. Any offense.

But, he’s now 31-years old and facing free agency for the first time in his career. Could he return to the Seahawks? Yes, he could. But, according to the Seattle Times, it’s not looking good:

He had 10 touchdown receptions this season in what was his third year in Seattle. And he is maybe Russell Wilson’s best friend on the team — Wilson entertainingly referred to Graham on Monday as being “like a unicorn. There are only so many of them in the world.’’ But Graham has been an uneven fit in Seattle and at age 31 is undoubtedly excited to enter free agency for the first time in his NFL career. Generally considered really unlikely to be back in Seattle.

I wouldn’t blame Graham one bit for wanting to leave. There are plenty of teams that would love to feature him in their offense. He won’t come cheap, but he shouldn’t come cheap. He’s that good.

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