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Raiders fire Del Rio

The Oakland Raiders finished off their 2017 NFL season by getting the doors blown off of them 30-10 at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers. That means they finish with a 6-10 record in a season with championship expectations.

Well, someone in the Raiders’ management didn’t appreciate that because they just fired head coach Jack Del Rio after three seasons.

They were the upstarts last year and were hot going into the playoffs until Derek Carr busted his ankle. At that point, you’re toast in the postseason, and they were.

This year…ugh. Carr wasn’t great. They didn’t run the ball particularly well. Their receivers continue to drop a maddening amount of balls. The defense didn’t get better and they had to fire defensive coordinator Ken Norton during the season.

Overall, it became a mess. And ownership is looking for a change and Del Rio is out of there.

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