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Haslam says Jackson will return

I know this shouldn’t be shocking considering there have been plenty of reports over the last few weeks saying that the Cleveland Browns will keep Hue Jackson for 2018, but it still kinda is.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, according to Mary Kay Cabot, has said that Jackson will be back to coach the team next season, not long after Jackson just oversaw a historically bad team that was the first since the Detroit Lions in 2008 to go 0-16.

“#Browns  Haslam reiterated Jackson will be back in 2018 and he’s working well with Dorsey,” Cabot tweeted.

John Dorsey is the new general manager who will be in charge of overhauling this dumpster fire.

Still, I’m not sure what Hue Jackson has done to warrant being kept around. Yes, they didn’t win a game this year, but were they good last year? Sweet Jesus, no! They were 1-15!

And for what it’s worth, it’s not like he was crushing it as head coach of the Oakland Raiders. I just remember them not being very good, him demanding to be more involved in personnel decisions and then him getting fired.

His successes in the NFL have mostly been as an offensive coordinator, which is what he should probably be.

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