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Eli Apple is finished with the Giants

The New York Giants have a problem on their hands. Their 2016 first-round pick is looking like a turd. Eli Apple was publicly called a cancer by a young team leader in his own position unit in Landon Collins.

That’s pretty bad. But now, we find out that he’s going to be benched for the season finale. Why? Mike Garafolo says that Apple refused to take reps with the scout team on Wednesday and then got into a fight with a coach.

“Eli Apple’s suspension today was due in part to his refusal to take the field with the scout team, source says. @RapSheet says he then got into it with a coach,” Garafolo tweets.


The bad news for Apple is that there are a bunch of new people that will be in charge who had no hand in drafting him. On one hand, he was a high first-round pick for a reason. There is talent there and maybe a new regime might like to see if they can get him to not be so turdly.

On the other hand, they might want to wash their hands of a guy that they didn’t hand select. It really depends on how bad of an “Apple” he really is. You don’t want one “Apple” upsetting the apple cart. I could go on all day.

Josina Anderson is hearing the latter.

“He will not be in an NYG uniform next year. Dude is done with NYG. Done,” Anderson says.

Josina is pretty plugged in; she’s an excellent reporter and her comments don’t leave any wiggle room. Dude must be really bad.

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